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Top 10 Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Location in Goa

Best pre -wedding photoshoot locations in Goa · 1. Ozran Beach: Embrace the laid-back vibes of North Goa with the iconic Chapora Fort. · 2. Morjim Beach.  3. Cabo de Rama.  4. Ashwem Beach. 5. Sinquerim Beach. 6. Mae De Deus Church. 7. Fontainhas. 8. Talpona Beach. 9. Betul Beach. 10. Siridao Beach.

 The top 10 locations to transform your Pre-Wedding moments. You will be surprised by the visual symphony of love is here :

Planning your pre-wedding photoshoot? And dreaming of a backdrop that blends romance with scenic beauty? Look no further than the sun-soaked shores and enchanting landscapes of Goa. Top 10 Premier pre-wedding photoshoot spots in Goa

Best pre-wedding photoshoot locations in Goa

1. Ozran  Beach: 

Embrace the laid-back vibes of North Goa with the iconic Chapora Fort. Here you will the golden hues background of sunset adding a warm glow to your love 

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2. Morjim Beach: 

Morjim Beach in north Goa is a nesting habitat for Olive Ridley turtles. And a great pre-wedding photoshoot location. It provides a dramatic and historical setting for capturing timeless romantic shots.

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3. Cabo de Rama: 

This fort is perched atop a cliff, offering breathtaking panoramic views of the coastline. Hence making it a majestic choice for a pre-wedding backdrop. It is 29 km away from Margao, South Goa. And if you don’t know already, South Goa is best for pre-wedding shoots. So you have the beautiful cliff with a beach backdrop. A lagoon for fairy tale aesthetics. And a clean, pristine secluded beach, making it a dreamy location for a half-day pre-wedding shoot.

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4. Ashwem Beach: 

Looking for one of the calmest beaches in north Goa? Look no further, Ashwem beach, located north of Panaji, has stunning sunset backdrops. The best part, there are a lot of shacks available as well along this stretch. So it’s perfect for you and your partner to take a break and chill during the shoot.

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5. Sinquerim Beach: 

You may be familiar with these two famous properties in Goa, Holiday Village and Taj Fort Aguada. But did you know there is a hidden gem of a beach located amidst these properties? Yes, Sinquerim Beach is one of the best beaches in North Goa. The best time for a pre-wedding shoot here is 7 am to 10 am.

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6. Mae De Deus Church: 

Have you ever wanted to get a shoot done near a church? And that too with picturesque surroundings of the rich countryside of Goa? Then Mae De Deus Church at Saligao is the one. This location is best to add to your pre-wedding shoot itinerary for a Goan touch.

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7. Fontainhas: 

Fontainhas is famous for its narrow winding lanes lined with colorful Portuguese houses. With dreamy balconies and red-tiled roofs. This place will add the exotic vibes of Goa, you are looking for in your pre-wedding shoot.

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8. Talpona Beach: 

Planning your pre-wedding shoot far away from the chaos of tourists? Then this beach in the Canacona taluka of South Goa is a must. No photo bombers. No onlooking tourists. This beach is a perfect spot for drone shots. And also to capture intimate romantic moments of your love.

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9. Betul Beach: 

This beautiful beach rests right at the Sal River. This place has a beautiful view of the sea with soft slippery sand. Perfect to include a beach picnic date set up in your pre-wedding shoot.

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10. Siridao Beach: 

Siridao Beach is a secluded spot that offers a peaceful escape from the crowds. This beach does not have any beach shacks. Hence you will find it non-crowded compared to the other beaches in North Goa.

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These are The Top picks for pre-wedding photography in Goa.

Whether it’s the historical charm of forts. Or the serenity of beaches. Or the natural beauty of wildlife sanctuaries. Goa provides a diverse canvas for your pre-wedding love story. Your special day deserves the best photographers in Goa to capture your beautiful moments. 

Let these locations be the setting for your romantic reverie. May each photograph capture the essence of your love. May you and your partner blossom against the vibrant tapestry of Goa’s landscapes.

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